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About Exeter Data Mill

We believe that data analytics can enable us to take great strides towards building better cities. Within the city’s data lie all the answers needed for developing long-term solutions to tackle the issues related to urbanisation, and making better decisions about the way we live our lives and build our cities.

We want Exeter to become an analytical city, where citizens and communities are better informed about how they create, control and use their own data, and are empowered to use public data to create change and influence decision making.

Exeter Data Mill brings together data from key stakeholders within the city. It gives us the capability to knock down long-standing siloes of knowledge, and draw insight into the ways in which we can make our city a better, more fulfilling place to live.

By realising the potential of Exeter’s data the Data Mill can help the city to thrive as we enter the data-driven fourth Industrial Revolution.

We are proud to be part of the ERDF Environmental Futures and Big Data Impact Lab. This project provides funding for Exeter City Futures’ City Data Analyst to ensure the Data Mill works as as a city data store that underpins the City’s challenges, allows us to analyse and track progress towards achieving them, and enables innovators to access data to build new services for Exeter.

Exeter City Futures only works with trusted partners to upload data to the Mill. Information and guidance for publishers can be found here. If you’re interested in contributing your data to Exeter Data Mill get in touch with [email protected]