The Community Partnership project, a collaboration between Exeter City Futures, University of Exeter and Exeter City Council, worked together to support communities wanting to take a data-driven approach to evidence local environmental and sustainable challenges.

In 2017 to mid-2018, the project engaged with the ward of Heavitree, supporting members of the community to form a working group that addressed a co-created challenge question: How can we enable and encourage the use of sustainable and attractive modes of transport to reduce the number of cars driving through Heavitree?

In June 2018, as a part of their research, the community working group with input from University of Exeter undergraduate students, designed a survey to collect Sowton and Honiton Park and Ride use and capacity data to understand commuter travel behaviour into and across the city.

You can access a cleansed version of the data as well as an interactive dashboard below:

Below are the results, and a dashboard to explore the data.

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Cars_In_Carpark.csv  (3.20 kB)

This csv file contains the results of the car park occupation counts.

Survey_Results.csv  (135.67 kB)

Snapshot data produced by the community in Heavitree, Exeter, to show how the local Sowton and Honiton Park and Ride’s were used in one week in 2018. This helped the Heavitree community understand how they could encourage use of sustainable modes of transport and reduce the number of cars driving through their neighbourhood. It was part of a project supported by Exeter City Futures, University of Exeter and Exeter City Council.

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