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This report provides analysis of the jobs required for a net zero economy in England, and where these will be located in the coming years. Based on industry insight from a series of expert interviews and a literature review, this report includes an assessment of the number of jobs that will be required, by sector. This estimate is further broken-down to regional and local authority level, based on industry insight and the current sectoral breakdown in each area.

The methodology and discussion is available in full in ‘The role of local government as place shapers in delivering Clean Growth’, written by Ecuity Consulting on behalf of the Local Government Association. 

This report estimates that by 2030 2,150 direct jobs employed in the low-carbon and renewable energy economy will be required in Exeter and by 2050 4,031.

Green Jobs 2030-50.xlsx  (280.26 kB)

this is the data behind the above - for your convenience Exeter and the South West have been placed at the top of the report.

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