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Shapefile containing polygons of solar panels identified from aerial view for postal sector code EX2 4.

20180918_EX_FIT_Installations.csv  (862.89 kB)

Feed in tariff data filtered for EX postcodes.

Sourced from

feed_in_tariff_installation_report_30-09-18_ALL.xlsx  (24.13 MB)

National feed in tariff installation data - sourced from

shinywebapp_source.R  (11.22 kB)

Source code for q-steps dashboard deployed here:

To test locally, download the other files in this folder into the same directory as this code and run in rstudio.

EX1_to_4_full.geojson  (709.18 kB)
Dec 2018

All aerial identified solar panels in postcode wards EX1, EX2, EX3, and EX4

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